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It’s time to sit back and enjoy some NFL Playoff football. Hopefully Daryl Johnston will continue to provide scintillating commentary like he did last week when he said, “He wishes he could have that throw back,” after an interception.

Here’s a picture I just took of my girlfriend. She dresses like this for me for all the games, and she brings me beers and chips all afternoon.



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Look at me Romo! I gots your es-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, man! I’m gonna lay her down, man! You weren’t even drafted, ya big fag! I went number one, modderfucker! NUMBER ONE!

Oh shit. I think I’m gonna hurl . . .

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A Peek Inside Our Office

This slice of life documentary was filmed entirely in the Making It Rain office complex in Nashville, TN.

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Beer Babe

Holy Phoebe Cates, Batman!

Can also be used as a floatation device.

Suddenly I have an urge to take my next golf vacation in Jacksonville. I also have an urge to hear The Cars’ Moving in Stereo.

See more Beer Cart babes here.

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